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Can Amex be Used Internationally? This is how to use Amex card internationally

Yes, Amex can be used internationally as it is widely accepted in most of the countries. But not in all the countries overseas. As we know that Visa and Mastercard are more popular then Amex, there might be chances that you will get fewer transactions options. The best advice is that first, you should clarify the acceptance of American Express cards for the particular country for your safer side. 

How to use the Amex card abroad?

You can use your Amex credit card for purchasing things as well as for withdrawing cash. But sometime the problem arises when the retailer says "sorry but we don't take Amex. This is because it is not universally accepted. So if you are dealing with a payment with your Amex card first you need to check the payment options with the retailer. Mostly in cheaper places and restaurants, they won't accept it because it charges a higher fee to the merchant than other networks.

And the places where they accept the cards, you can do your transaction by swiping your card to the available swiping machine. And you can easily withdraw money from the ATMs. Sometimes the problem may arise when some ATMs are designed to accept only EVM chip card which is not so common yet for the American Express cards. So it is always suitable if you carry the alternatives to do your transactions without any difficulties. 

Another way to carry out your transactions is by performing the contactless payment. Not all the card but some of Amex card comes with this contactless payment, also refer as tap-and-go. In this, you just need to tap your card near the point of sale terminal and do the payment. Most of the European countries, this mode of payment so if you are lucky enough then you can try this. 

What is the total cost to use Amex card abroad?

It just not about the Amex card, it's for any card if you are going to use them while traveling you need to pay certain extra rates. Here is how you can calculate your total cost of using your Amex card abroad.

1. Foreign Exchange rates make up

The main cost of using the credit card abroad is related to the currency conversion makeups. First of all, the bank will apply its daily currency conversion rates as set by Amex in order to convert your purchase into USD. These rates vary on a daily basis. You can know about the conversion exchange rates through banks or by logging into your online banking. Avoid consulting third parties to know about foreign exchanges rates. Chances are there you might be subjected to the unfair exchange rates, so you need to be careful.

2. Non-sterling transaction fee

When you purchase goods overseas with your credit cards, your banks need to convert those transactions into the US dollar or pounds. And this is done each time when you use your card for purchase because of the fluctuation in the international currency market. And the cost involved in performing this task is referred to as a non-sterling transaction fee. This charge is usually taken at the rate of 2-3 % on each transaction. This fee is also known as the foreign transaction fee.

3. Cash withdrawal fee

If you are using ATMs for the cash withdrawal, there are more like you to take extra charges. The ATM charges on withdrawal vary from cards to cards and from country to country. There is a fixed amount set to be a deduction on every withdrawal. 

Take a look at the table given below which shows the charges that are applied for the Withdrawal of money from ATM.

4. Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

If you are a traveler then you might have heard the merchant saying this sentence "Would to like to pay your purchase in U.S dollar, opposing you to pay in local currency. This is called Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC). Sometimes they might trick you by telling there are no conversion fees. But this you should strictly avoid. Always choose to pay in the local currency because you might be charged badly under foreign exchange rate for DCC. By doing this you are only giving them change to apply their poor exchange rates. Sometimes the merchant does this to get a commission. So always choose to pay in local currency while you are overseas.

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