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Jack Ma Introduces "669" rules: Have Sex for 6 Days 6 Time.

Alibaba's Chairman Jack Ma's "669" Life Advice

Jack Ma the founder of Alibaba, introduced a new rule for his employees. He adviced his employees to have Sex for 6 Days 6 Times. After the popular work philosophy, known as "996", he finally introduced the new one called "669".

He says, "At work, we should follow the spirit of "996" (which means work from 9 am to 9 pm, for the 6 days in a week), whereas in life we should follow "669" (sex for 6 days, 6 times with duration being the key).

As per the report by, Daily Mail, China's wealthiest man gave a lighthearted speech at his companies mass wedding known as "Aliday", which was held on 10th May. In this speech, he talked about balancing the work-life balance. He said it is important to balance home life in order to gain long term happiness.

"We want 669 in life," Ma said. 

However, the "996" work philosophy has already been criticized by tech industries. Now "669" life philosophy is also being trolled over social networking sites. 

"I am curious whether this 669 can be included in 996? I mean in the office hour?" twitted one user.

What is your opinion on Jack Ma's new theory of "669". You can share your ideas in the comment section.
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