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How Do I write a Bank Account Transfer Letter | Sample Format

A bank transfer letter is written when one wants to transfer their fund or savings from one bank to another. Sometimes if a person is shifting from one place to another, he writes a transfer letter to the manager of the bank to transfer their account from the previous branch to a new branch

bank account transfer letter
In order to have your request granted by the bank, you need to write a good bank account transfer letters by providing the main reasons for transferring.

Sample Bank Account Transfer letter

The simple sample of the bank account transfer letter is given below.

Bank account transfer request letter 

To the Manager
Bank/Branch address...

Subject: Request for the transfer of bank account 

Dear sir/madam,

I have got saving bank account in your bank for the past 5 years. Since I have relocated from (State/city name to State/city name), it will be easy for me to receive my banking facilities from my current location. I request you to transfer my bank account from the current branch to your bank branch in (write full address). 

I am fully satisfied with the bank service, so decided to continue transactions with your bank. I don't have any pending liabilities, so please grant my request.

My bank account details are:

  • Account No...
  • Customer Id.......
  • Account type: Saving/Current
Thanking you,

Name :
Contact number:
signature :

Another Format

Sample Bank transfer letter for the fund transferring 

Date :
To the Manager :
Bank's Name:
Bank's address:
Subject: Request to transfer fund

Dear sir/madam,

I have got a saving account in your bank. I request you to transfer $ 2,500 from my saving account to account of (Account Number) in your (branch name, city). I clearly know all the terms and condition related to the transfer. The charges required can be deducted from my saving account. The full details of my bank accounts are provided below:

 Bank Account Information:

  • Account no...
  • Customer ID...
  • Email address.....
  • Phone no...
If you need any clarification, please contact me through phone number and email address provides.


Name :

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