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[TOP] 10 Richest Banks In The World In 2019 ٩(^ᴗ^)۶

The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China is the biggest and richest bank in the world with total assets of $4.00 trillion. It is the wealthiest bank in the world. 

richest banks in the world
Industrial and Commerical Bank of China,  Image Courtesy: China Supertrends

Richest Banks In The World By Total Assets

The ranking of the bank mainly depends upon the number of assets it holds. For years, although the different U.S based have held its position to the top but now China's banks hold its position in the driving seat.

And in the list of top 10 richest banks, 4 of them are Chinese bank whereas only two of them is an American bank. This even raises the question that is the Chinese economy higher than the United States. Not only this, in 2019,12 of China's banks have booked their position in the top 50 biggest banks in the world.

Now let's see the list of top 10 richest and biggest banks in the world based upon their total assets. And does bigger means better? Let's find out.

1. Industrial & Commercial Bank of China - (US $4.00 trillion)

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China richest banks in the world
The no.1 position in the list of the richest bank in the world is held by Industrial and Commercial Bank of China or ICBC. It was founded in 1984 and owned by the government of China. ICBC provides all the kinds of financial services like loans, credit cards, financing for businesses, and money management for individual and companies. This bank gives facilities for investments and exchange services. And is popularly known for offering loans in transportation and manufacturing field.
The ICBC started as a limited company and went growing to form a global bank. It has got a network of strong customer all over the world and a total employee of about 460,000. It has spread its branches in Asia, America, Europe, and Oceania. So this is the biggest bank in China not only by total assets but also by deposits, loans, number of customers & employees.

2. China Construction Bank Corp - (US $ 3.40 trillion)

China Construction Banks richest bank in china
In the list of the second richest bank of the world is China Construction Bank Corp or CCB. It was established in the year 1954. Initially, founded under the name as People’s Construction Bank of China has the headquarter located in Beijing. CCB has got a total asset of $3.40 trillion with an estimated of employees 330,000. And this makes it among the 6th largest company in the world.
It offers services dealing with a credit card, personal loans and wealth management for the individual as well as for the big companies. This bank has got branches all over the world with 13,629 branches locally in China. It was ranked 2nd in the World's largest public companies by Forbes in 2015 in Global 2000 Ranking of Biggest. 

3. Agricultural Bank of China - (US $3.24 trillion)

Agricultural Bank of China third richest banks

Are you observing? Even in the top 3, it is China's bank. The Agricultural Bank of China or ABC is the third biggest bank in the world by assets. ABC holds the total assets of $3.24 trillion. It was founded in 1951, about 68 years ago. The headquarter is located in Beijing. And it has got altogether about 24,000 branches located locally in China as well as across the globe. The branches are located in Tokyo, London, New York, Hong Kong, Sydney, Singapore, Frankfurt, and Seoul.

It is not only the third largest but also one of the 10 largest companies in the world. ABC has got the 320 million retailer customer and 444,000 number of working employees. The bank mainly delivery services in the agricultural sectors. It works with small and large agricultural companies.  

In 2015, Forbes ranked ABC in 3rd position in the list of Forbes' 13th annual Global 2000 and similarly in 2017 it was ranked in 5th position. However, it is reported that in 2007, ABC was robbed and thieves stole about $7.5 million. And this robbery is considered as one of the biggest robberies in bank history.

4. Bank of China - (US $2.99 trillion)

bank of china 4th richest banks in the world

Are you looking at the trend here? Another Chinese bank is in 4th place. Bank of China was founded in 1912, which is about 107 years ago. So, basically this is one of the oldest banks in China and it is owned by the government of China. The total assets of the Bank of China are $2.99 trillion. The headquarter is located in Beijing’s Xicheng District.

It provides services in the field of investment, insurance, personal loan, credit cards, debit cards, and liabilities management. This bank has almost 310,000 working employees. And lastly, it is the second-largest lender in China.

5. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group - (US $2.79 trillion)

richest banks in 2019

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group is the largest bank in Japan and falls in top 5th our list of top 10. It was founded in  2005 when the two bank combined i.e the Mitsubishi Tokyo Financial Group and UFJ Holdings. The headquarter is located in Tokyo, Japan and has a total asset of $2.79 trillion.

The bank delivery services in the investment and banking field and has got about 106,000 working employees.

6. JPMorgan Chase & Co - (US $2.53 trillion)

Chase richest banks in the world

JPMorgan Chase & Co is the largest bank in the united state and on the 6th largest in our list. In fact, it is the first American bank to fall in this list. The bank was formed in the year 2000 i.e about 18 years ago and its headquarter is located in New York City. Total asset is estimated at $2.53 trillion and provides service in the investment field, security and wealth management. It has got around 245,000 employees.

7. HSBC Holding PLC - (US $2.52 trillion)

richest banks in 2019

HSBC is the largest bank in Europe And holds the 7th position on our list. It has got many histories related to its establishment but in actual it was founded with its own name in the year 1991. This bank is considered as one of the most important banks in the world. It has got a total asset of $2.52 trillion and the headquarter is located in London, UK.

The bank mainly provides services in investment, private banking, and corporate banking. HSBC has got a good network of strong customers and its branches are spread all over the globe. It has got its office in 80 countries. The total number of employees working in HSBC is around  235,000.

8. BNP Paribas - (US $2.36 trillion)

bnp parabias richest banks

BNP Paribas falls in the number 8th position on this list. This is the French bank which has got its headquarter in Paris. BNP was founded in the year 1848, which is about 171 years ago. Its total asset is $2.36 trillion. BNP Paribas is a global bank which has got its office in 75 countries. It is present in five continents and is the largest bank in Eurozone by total assets. It provides services on corporate, investment and retail banking sectors. The bank has got around 190,000 working employees.

9. Bank of America (BofA) - (US $2.28 trillion)

bank of america richest banks in the world

Bank of America is multinational financial and banking company which has got its headquarter in Charlotte, North Carolina. It is the 2nd largest bank in the United States with total assets of $2.28 trillion after JPMorgan Chase & Co. BofA provides services for personal banking, investment for all kinds of small and large businesses. Basically, they are into providing loans for the small business. Bank of America is playing a good role in the domestic market as it generates its 90% of the revenues in the domestic markets. The bank has got offices in many cities in the United States and it also holds the position of the 13th largest company in the world. It has got a total employee of 208,000. 

Bank of America also received an honor as "World's Best Bank" in 2018 by Euromoney Institution Investor. In current years, the bank is mainly in improving its mobile banking services because of the increasing number of mobile users.

10. Crédit Agricole Group - (US $2.12 trillion)

Credit Agricole Group was founded in the year 1894, which is about 124 years ago. It is also known as "the green bank" because it has got a history for providing services in farming. Credit Agricole Group is the second-largest bank in France and has headquartered in Montrouge, France. It has got a total asset of $2.12 trillion. This bank mainly provides services loans, saving and investment products. The bank has employed about 138,000 staffs members. And it has got 52 million customers worldwide.

The Richest Banks In The World

Rank       Name of the Bank Headquaters Total Assets(USD Billions) Market cap(USD Billions)
1 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Beijing, China 4,009.26 345.214
2 China Construction Bank Corporation Beijing, China 3,400.25 257.399
3 Agricultural Bank of China Beijing, China 3,235.65 203.244
4 Bank of China Beijing, China 2,991.90 181.469
5 Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Tokyo, Japan 2,784.74 111.660
6 JPMorgan Chase & Co. New York, United States 2,615.00 390.934
7 HSBC Holdings PLC London, United Kingdom 2,521.77 219.270
8 BNP Paribas Paris, France 2,357.07 103.258
9 Bank of America Charlotte, United States 2,338.00 325.331
10 Crédit Agricole Montrouge, France 2,117.16 52.141
11 Citigroup Inc. New York, United States 1,925.00 203.165
12 Japan Post Bank Tokyo, Japan 1,874.02 60.525
13 Wells Fargo & Co. San Francisco, United States 1,872.00 308.013
14 Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group Tokyo, Japan 1,775.14 67.328
15 Deutsche Bank Frankfurt, Germany 1,765.85 38.649
16 Banco Santander Santander, Spain 1,736.23 115.696
17 Mizuho Financial Group Tokyo, Japan 1,715.25 50.018
18 Barclays PLC London, United Kingdom 1,531.73 45.850
19 Société Générale Paris, France 1,531.13 46.051
20 Groupe BPCE Paris, France 1,512.27 30.349
21 Bank of Communications Shanghai, China 1,389.07 67.078
22 Postal Savings Bank of China Beijing, China 1,385.12 47.948
23 Lloyds Banking Group London, United Kingdom 1,097.67 71.253
24 Royal Bank of Canada Toronto, Canada 1,038.53 122.564
25 Toronto-Dominion Bank Toronto, Canada 1,026.36 108.449
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